5 Tasty Places To Eat Around The World

When visiting a new place, especially abroad, there is nothing better than finding a nice place to eat. I get so excited when I find restaurants serving local cuisines. I love the thought of going back to Reykjavik for another one of their soups, served in a bread bowl. On the other hand, I get just as excited when finding a restaurant serving vegan burgers and onion rings. The word ‘nice’ when describing places to eat is versatile, for me what I fancy is mood dependant. Therefore, the following places to eat should cover all of your cravings and some UK alternatives.



Budapest, Alkotmány u. 20, 1054 Hungary

IMG_3086I have always liked hummus, however after visiting this restaurant I realised how much I love it. Hummusbar serve hummus, obviously. However they also serve shakshuka, salad, soup and fries. These options were better for my friend Emily as she thinks hummus is the devil’s work. We visited here twice for lunch as not only was it super tasty, our lunches cost approximately £5 each. This included a drink. The service was very quick and the waiter was very friendly, even though we couldn’t speak Hungarian. All in all, I would rate the Hummusbar 10/10. And, if you can’t get to Budapest anytime soon, Humpit is a great alternative. There is a Humpit in Northampton Town Centre.


Dhaba Beas, Týnská 19, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

We (Emily & I) found Dhaba Beas when searching for a vegan restaurant on google maps nearby. There are lots of these dotted around Prague 1, however the location above is the one that we visited. Dhaba Beas is a chain of vegetarian and vegan self-service restaurants based mainly on traditional Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Czech cuisine. You pay for your food by weight. It costs approximately 76 pence per 100g of food. The trays you serve your food on are odd. They are metal trays with different sections for your different foods. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the trays or the food as we were in a rush for some reason (I can’t remember why). The food was nice though. It reminded me of a similar restaurant called RedHot World Buffet that I visited as a child. Unfortunately, my local RedHot burnt down – ironic. There is a buffet in Milton Keynes still standing. It’s called MK buffet, how original.


Veleslavínova 93/10, 110 00 Josefov, Czechia

Again, whilst searching for a vegan restaurant we came across Forky’s. Forky’s is a ‘plant based bistro’ offering a range of vegan burgers, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches and pretty much everything else plant based. I ordered the ‘Venice Beach Burger’. I picked it only from the name, since the fillings were all displayed in Czech. Good news, it was the best burger I have ever eaten. However, still to this day I probably couldn’t tell you what was in it. If you are looking for an affordable lunch or dinner, Forky’s is definitely the place. I must admit though, it took us a while to find. And again, I didn’t get any photos but this time it was because I was far too excited to eat my burger. Sadly, there isn’t really a UK alternative to Forky’s. I suppose TGI Fridays do a good vegan burger.


180 El Camino Real, Ste 1140, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 22.21.22
This restaurant was my saviour. After endless ‘Impossible Burgers’, all I wanted was some tofu and vegetables. True Food Kitchen gave me exactly that but with added flavour and an entire dining experience. From the moment we walked in, the restaurant had a lovely atmosphere and the waitress was exceptionally attentive. She suggested main courses and drinks to complement these. True Food Kitchen are inspired by the philosophy that food should make you feel better, not worse. They very much delivered. I had the best pudding I had ever tasted – banana chia. Price wise, it wasn’t the cheapest meal but it was definitely worth the money. I honestly cannot recommend this restaurant enough. A similar restaurant is Green Loft in Northampton.


I haven’t given a location for the Hard Rock Cafe as you will find one almost anywhere. I aim to visit one everywhere that I can. The best thing is that each menu changes at each restaurant location. For example, in Reykjavik I had an amazing plate of vegan nachos and in Budapest I had a very tasty vegan pasta. These were both exclusive to the location. However, there is always a burger of some sort! I love the merchandise too, collecting badges and glasses gets addictive. The atmosphere is always excellent and the service is normally good. However, food and drinks are expensive. You are paying for the experience. I love going and would recommend visiting at least one if you are willing to pay a little extra. There are also some Hard Rock Cafe’s in the UK, if you are unable to go abroad.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to comment any of your favourite places to eat abroad or closer to home. I would love some new places to try out after lockdown.

Love Charlotte x



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