My OOTD & Why It Matters

Good Morning Everyone! On Wednesday I was thinking about how I would like to invest in sustainable clothing even though that means paying a little extra.  So, I bought this outfit from ‘Lucy & Yak’ and it arrived yesterday (Saturday). I will talk more about sustainability later on in the post. However, I would firstly like to talk about the trousers.

IMG_3193As you will see, I ordered the ‘Vulva Print’ trousers. Believe it or not, I liked the print from the thumbnail before I realised what it was. When I clicked on them, I liked them even more. The print was designed by Sanna Suvi who was inspired by the lack of vulva diversity in the arts and media. I have actually noticed this myself. With advances in cosmetic surgery,  ‘designer vaginas’ are becoming more common. And the question I ask is why?

I feel like learning to love your body is a challenge when growing up and in adult life, especially when we are only exposed to ‘ideal’ body parts and types. The arts and media generate pressure to look a certain way (as I am sure you are aware). I feel that in schools there is not enough open conversation and discussion opportunities about body diversity and this needs to change. As, in reality, there is no ‘ideal’ body because your body is unique and is yours to love. That can be a difficult concept to accept and it shouldn’t be.

Anyway, back to the trousers… For every pair sold, a pack of period products is donated to either ‘Freedom 4 Girls’ in Leeds or ‘The Homeless Period’ in Brighton. Additionally, 5% of all sales from the ‘Vulva Capsule’ collection is to be donated to ‘The Eve Appeal’.

  • Freedom 4 Girls are a charity supporting young women challenged by the stigmas, taboos and gender inequalities associated with menstruation.
  • The Homeless Period provide menstrual products to homeless or vulnerable individuals with little or no access to period products.
  • The Eve Appeal are the only UK national charity funding research and raising awareness and funds for the early detection of the five gynaecological cancers.

As a young woman, I feel that the work these three charities are doing is very important. I’m sure you understand why. Therefore, for an excellent quality pair of trousers and for all that they do £45 is very well spent.

I will be wearing these trousers out and about.  So…

‘Here is to a world of open and honest conversation where no one is ashamed or embarrassed by their bodies’ – Lucy & Yak 

IMG_3170For the rest of the outfit (the belt and the top) I paid a total of £32. I was very impressed ordering for the first time. The online shopping experience was simple and quick. I received free delivery with my order and there were no delays at all. The whole outfit fits perfectly and is very comfortable. The quality of the material is also excellent and I couldn’t recommend Lucy & Yak enough! Especially if you are like me, looking to switch to sustainable brands. They are an excellent place to start.

The People

Lucy & Yak are an extremely ethical company, paying all of their employees at least the living wage. You can also see exactly who made your specific item of clothing and find out a little bit about them personally on the company website.

The Planet

Lucy & Yak maintain a transparent supply chain by ensuring that all cotton, hemp and linen are certified organic. They also only use certain materials, like elastane, when absolutely necessary. Recently, the Lucy & Yak team in India moved to a larger warehouse powered 100% by solar panels. Everything they do/use has the planet in mind. They also offer a ‘made in the UK’ collection. This way, it reduces the distance your clothes have to travel to get to you.

IMG_3194Now you can see why my OOTD matters. It is sustainable, ethical and shares an important message.

I must admit though, that this is my very first step towards switching to sustainable clothing / a sustainable lifestyle. It is a positive step in the right direction. You can expect another post in the form of a ‘beginners guide to sustainability’ in the near future (after I’ve discovered useful tips & more brands).

Finally, I just want to finish off by reminding you again that all bodies are beautiful. You should love yourself!

Make your OOTD matter.

Love Charlotte x


Information taken from the Lucy & Yak Website. Find them here…

Lucy & Yak Website


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