An Introduction To Everything Grace Fit

Throughout lockdown I have been on a rollercoaster ride with regards to dieting, working out and trying to achieve a ‘Summer Bod’. Whilst the past three months may have seemed like an excellent opportunity to do so, I have struggled with routine and motivation. Until I finally downloaded ‘Shreddy’ and invested in some new ‘Tala’ gym wear that makes me feel great.


Shreddy is a fairly new app, created by Grace Beverley and her team. There are five different guides to chose from as well as the choice of working out three or five times per week. I have just finished my second week of the twelve week home fat loss guide. I decided to workout 5 times per week. So far, I have found that this is the first workout schedule and meal plan that I have stuck to. And, I am loving it. Oh and all the meals are vegan!


All of the workouts are different and you can move them around to different days of the week just to suit you. Working out five days a week, I complete two full body HIIT workouts, one arms & abs, one upper body and one legs & bum. The full body HIIT workouts are shorter and last about twelve minutes. Since they are shorter, I then complete a ‘live workout’ afterwards which I access from the content library. The other scheduled workouts are longer and last approximately half an hour. These workouts are circuit based so I have found that I don’t get bored doing them. The exercises are timed for you and there are videos of a woman completing the exercises with you. There are also warm ups and cool downs to complete. You can play your music throughout which is great to keep you motivated.

Meal Plan

It is vegan!

After typing in your body weight, Shreddy will come up with a tasty meal plan for you to follow that ensures you are getting all the nutrients you need whilst staying within a calorific deficit. All of the meals I have tried so far are really nice and some even include peanut butter, strawberry jam and chocolate! One of my favourite breakfasts is the peanut butter and banana shake or the chocolate breakfast bowl. Following the meal plan, you find yourself eating five meals a day. You eat two snacks and three main meals so you never get hungry. Shreddy also generates a weekly shopping list for you which is super helpful. There is a large variety of meal choice and you can switch meals to suit you better. The only downside is that it doesn’t let you insert any of your own recipes.

Other Bits

Shreddy has an excellent community feature where you can chat directly with other users through the app. You will also find this community extends on instagram. It also offers gym and at home guides. You can’t use the app without a subscription however. I paid for a three month subscription which cost just under £25. Since I purchased a longer subscription I received a discount. Normally, Shreddy would cost £9.99 a month. If you purchase a yearly subscription you will receive an even greater discount.

The Right Equipment

Home Workout Equipment

Some of the Shreddy workouts include equipment such as dumbbells, sliders, resistance bands and foam rollers. You can switch these exercises if you don’t have the equipment. However, if you are looking to buy some Grace also owns ‘B_ND’. B_ND sell all of this equipment but as it is so popular you may find yourself waiting on a restock. I have my eyes on the blue long resistance band and dumbbells.


I found that my old gym leggings, old trainers and an odd black t-shirt didn’t exactly make me want to workout. So, after I decided I would try my very hardest to stick to Shreddy, I bought some new workout wear from Tala (also owned by Grace). I feel that feeling good in your clothes helps motivate you to put them on and work out!


I bought the ‘Aster Crop’ (top) in baby blue.

It cost £35.00

I bought the ‘Zinnia Legging’ in baby blue.

This cost £40.00.

I am a size 14-16, so I bought these items both in large. I used the size tool on the Tala website and both items fit perfectly and are very flattering.


Tala is also a very sustainable and ethical brand, with each of the items I bought saving over 40 litres of water and 2kg of carbon dioxide compared to non up-cycled Polyamide.

Tala don’t just sell activewear either. You can find bamboo cutlery, reusable face cloths and more casual clothing items. They have recently also released a new summer collection called ‘SOL’. Unfortunately, I missed the launch. Most of the collection is now sold out so I am waiting on a re-stock! The dresses looked so flattering!

If you want to find out more about Tala, use the following link.

Tala Website

So there you have it! An introduction to all things Grace Fit. I will keep you updated on my Shreddy journey via my instagram ( Click here to see my insta page ). If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Love Charlotte x



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